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As one who cannot #tie a #bowtie, I am intrigued by a #design like this that solves the #problem. However I have never understood the purpose of a #necktie or a #bowtie either, other than non-functional #elements where we #strangle ourselves for #fashion.
What do you think, are these #hot or not? #shophere: #designeros (v místě Designeros)

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“Thanks to my presence on Designeros, I had been discovered by the organizers of The Design Festival London who approached me and who showed interest in my work. As a result, I got involved in the Tent London 2013. If it wasn’t for Designeros, I would have never had the chance to participate in such a great and important design event.”

Tomas Vacek is a Czech designer who studied Industrial Design at the Tomas Bata University in Zlin. In the year 2011, he and his brother Jiri founded Studio Vacek, which specializes in product design. Since the year 2011 he has been the Chief Designer in a young, dynamic and fast developing brand Gravelli that focuses on unique design pieces made from concrete. His designs have been displayed in some of the most famous world exhibitions in Paris, London, Milan, New York etc. 

Join those who have already succeeded and whom Designeros has helped on their way to success….

IRIS TRSTENJAK from Slovenia
I’m Iris, a 26 year old wood designer. I’ve designed an all-natural, handmade collection of wooden dildos called Dee Lee Doo. I’ve launched my crowdfunding campaign via Indiegogo to help me establish my own workshop and continue work as a designer of organic bedroom accessories.

I believe that the industry is missing an aesthetic and 100% natural sex toy as well as an honest and intimate product. To gain exposure, establish a community and raise enough money to achieve my goal, I’m turning to the likes of you for help.

Check out her portfolio:

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